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About Spring Valley Church


Spring Valley Church strives to encourage families to live a God-First Life.

We believe in the whole Bible, the Trinity and the power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers and the world.

We are a church of many backgrounds (cultural, racial, ethnic, poli-socioeconomics), and share one story – Jesus Christ! We value the inward filling of the Holy Spirit as we outwardly focus on changing the lives of those around us and the world. We value compassion while serving “the least of these,” as we empower people to break free from oppressive living and to enjoy God-First lives.

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Spring Valley Church Exists to Help People Live God-First Lives

Spring Valley Church exists to help YOU live a God-first life. Our strategy to do that is to help you take a series of “Next Steps.”

Think of these steps like a God-first life equation, a formula to put God first.

Gathering + Giving = Growing + Going

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